Assistant Director Message

Assistant Director Message


Welcome to the website of the Diplomatic Institute.

 The Diplomatic Institute, which was established on 24th January 2012, embodies the training tool for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar (MOFA) through training MOFA's staff to perform their functions in the best way possible through organizing symposia, workshops, seminars and lectures, and the implementation of research, studies and reports related to Qatar's foreign policy. The programs and plans of the Institute are in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, in order to enhance the role of Qatar's regional and international position and Qatar's contribution to support dialogue among civilizations, cultural exchange between people, coexistence between cultures and religions. Added to this, the Institute aims at developing knowledge and skills of MOFA staff by keeping up to date with current changes worldwide. 

It was necessary to launch the Institute's website to reflect a true image of the Institute's efforts and expansion of the its activities despite its recent establishment. The website of the Institute aims to convey to the view, positions, and activities of Qatar's diplomacy to the world. We are aware that with the recent communication revolution and with the unprecedented advances in information technology, it is essential that the Institute's mission, activities and publications are transferred and published as widely and as rapidly as possible through the internet. This will enable diplomats, as well as Qatari people and anyone who is interested in Qatar's foreign policy, to have a true image of it by viewing and following up the activities of the Institute online.

The goal of the Institute's activities is to build knowledge, raise awareness, and train. The Institute represents a place of study, intellect, understanding and exchange of views. It is a specialized academic institution and research center in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It provides required consultations and opinions. However, it not a policy-making institution. It contributes to the understanding of the complex reality of the international scene, and clarification of such image, for diplomats and political officials, for all those interested in the field of international relations and foreign policy, and for decision makers.

The Diplomatic Institute cooperates with several academic, scientific and research institutions locally and abroad. We keep developing continuously. We welcome the diversity of experiences and constructive dialogue with experts and specialists from different institutions locally and abroad. The Institute is fully supported by HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and HE the Secretary-General. 


Nadia Ahmed Al-Shaibi