1. To train and habilitate the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on diplomatic and consular service and international cooperation.

2. To contribute in preparing the diplomats and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the skills they need in performing their duties, and develop their theoretical and practical capabilities, through educational and training courses and special qualifying programs.

3. To prepare and implement training programs on foreign affairs, international cooperation and services affairs, in line with the requirements of work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. To undertake studies and research papers on diplomatic, international political and economic relations and other related fields at both regional and international levels.

5. To monitor the reports and studies issued by regional and international blocs, Think Tanks and research centers; analyze them and supply concerned officials at the Ministry with  advisory briefings according to their relevance to the country's foreign policy.

6. To cooperate with the ministries, public departments and private institutions of public utility at home in such a way as to further the mission of the DI.

7. To cooperate and coordinate with universities, research centers and similar institutions inside and outside the country in all the fields that may help to attain the objectives of the Institute.

8.To organize conferences, symposia, scientific gatherings and seminars; and participate in local and overseas meetings, conferences and symposia that are related to the objectives of the Institute.