The Diplomacy Institution celebrates the graduation of tenth batch of trainees

The Diplomacy Institution celebrates the graduation of tenth batch of trainees

January 01 2017

Doha on 1/1/2017

The Diplomacy Institution in the Ministry of Foreign affairs celebrates the graduation of 30 trainees of both genders who represent the 10th. batch of the trainees in the Institutional program. Such graduation has been attended by His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Ben Hasan Al Hammadi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H. E. Mr. Abdel Aziz ben Abdel Qader Al Ahmad; Director of human resources, and Mrs. Nadiah Ahmad Al Sheebi, Asst. director of the diplomacy institution.

The opening ceremony was addressed by the speech of Mrs. Al Sheebi, Asst. Manager of the diplomacy institution. She welcomed H.E. Secretary General and attendants. Dr. Ahmad Ben Hasan Al Hammadi; Secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign affairs, addressed his speech whereas he referred to number of features which the diplomacy shall be endowed with; loyalty, truth, good business conduct, benefiting of time, respect the officers directions, and integrated work with his colleagues.

His Excellency also seconded the necessity to develop Arab Language skills; mother language, and acquire skills in live universal languages as well. He demanded from all participants to exploit their efforts to acquire more skills and expertise.

His Excellency explained that maintaining the high standing shall not be completed without exploiting more efforts by all qualified personnel who shall be able to carry out the wise leadership instructions in all aspects of Qatar foreign policy. He also referred that the interconnection between training and occupational courses is necessary to be completed and further set out integrated plan for each employee and diplomacy to include acquiring suitable habilitation during his business process.

Secretary General presented a glance on the method to establish relations in the delegation destination which shall help the diplomacy person to perform his work duties.

He concluded his speech by offering the graduates his appreciation and congratulations.

Mr. Khalid Moh'd Al Nuaimi, expressed in his speech, on behalf of all graduates, his full appreciation to His Excellency Sheikh Moh'd Ben Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Minister of Foreign affairs for his ultimate support offered for youth employees and his full concern of the new diplomacy generations.

Mr. Al Nuaimi, also emphasized on the training program which contributed in offering the trainees more capabilities that shall work to bring into success any mission delegated to them, and added that the program represents rich trial at all levels.

Mr. Nuaimi also addressed a promise, in the name of the 10th. batch of the diplomacy Institution, to perform the delegated works in the most loyal and accurate manner and further to offer their best efforts and activities to be loyal soldiers for State of Qatar under the wise leadership of His highest Excellency Sheikh Tameem Ben Hamad Al Thani, Country Prince.

At the end of ceremony, H. E. Ahmad Al Hammadi submitted the academic certification to the graduates. 

The training program drives at supporting the Ministry of Foreign affairs to habilitate the new personnel and employees and enabling thereof to carry their missions and duties out in professional and effective manner. Also to represent their country in a way supported by science and knowledge based on their faith of its causes, national constants and identity.

The Diplomacy Institution organized, since its activities' initiation, ten institutional programs, aiming to serve the trainees via increasing their knowledge in terms of international relations concepts. Further bring them aware of the basis and procedures that govern dealing with International organizations and bodies. Moreover, to strengthen their practical expertise and enhancing thereof through being accredited to work in the international, regional and Arab bodes. The Institution also is looking for developing the graduates outreach as to the various diplomacy multiple methods, providing them with skills to write reports of concern to the diplomacy business, preparing technical aid program, methods of negotiating, concluding agreements and conventions 

The Institution program also drives at enabling the trainees to be aware of the pilot experiences in the diplomacy business scope, develop their communication and negotiation skills to enabling them to conducting creative dialogues to address common issues and causes between the State and International community.