Issuance of issue no. "33" of Diplomat magazine

Apr 24, 2017, 10:04 AM by User Not Found
The diplomatic institution in the Ministry of Foreign affairs issued its 33 issue in its monthly magazine (Diplomat).

January 2017

The diplomatic institution in the Ministry of Foreign affairs issued its 33 issue in its monthly magazine (Diplomat). Such issue included many variable subjects. The issue key introduction has been dedicated for memorial of deceased Dr. Hasan Al Muhannadi, 1st. director of the institution who died abroad.

In the follow ups section we can see an interview with Sheikh Moh'd Ben Abdul Rahman; Minister of foreign affairs conducted by Reuters (theme subject) whereas he said " We want that USA to be with us for sure, USA is historical ally" in an interview between Saudi News Channel and his Excellency, he talked about the visit of the servant of two great mosques to Doha and he described the relations between both countries by strong relations. He added " the Syrian Crises is the biggest human tragedy which the history witnessed",. He also assured on the international community failure to apply the International legitimacy more than once".

Under same section, we can read cover for his Excellency; Minister of Foreign Affairs; Sultan Al Mareekhi,  participation in the ministerial session 29 of ESCWA (Them subject) which has been held in Doha in last December. The session agenda included a basic column " carrying out sustainable development plan of 2030, and road map at the national level, that emerged from Doha Declaration.

Follow ups section pages have been allocated for Diplomatic Salon whereas H. E. Secretary General of Supreme commission of projects and heritage; Mr. Hasan Abdallah Al Thawadi, was hosted therein, who said that there should be facilities for Arab people to attend the world cup and accommodation shall be available for all categories. He also said that 22nd. challenge shall offer opportunity for creators in the Arab countries to contributed effectively in the world cup at State of Qatar. The Magazine also followed up the Ministry and diplomat missions activities in that regard.

Within its interviews, Diplomat magazine conducted speech with His Excellency Qatar Ambassador in Morocco; Mr. Abdallah Ben Falah Al Dosari (theme subject) on the cooperative relations between both countries in terms of economy and investments. The Ambassador emphasized on the Qatari Investments are the most important ones at the Arab and foreign levels in Morocco and most of which are directed to Real Estate and Tour sectors development.    HuThThe

In this issue we can read also various essays; Dr. Mustaf Ahmad Qanbar wrote about the comprehensiveness of political proposition and the depth of semantics in his highness the Prince speech before the Senate council. His Excellency Ambassador; Moh'd ben Ali Al Maliki, wrote about "human rights between policy and reality". Further Mr. Khalifah Thani Al Zarei' wrote about "Arab heritage in Spanish America". Mrs. Sarah Rashed Al Marri also wrote about "Modern trends of the diplomacy": Diplomacy of conferences". Mrs. Nadiah Al Sheebi; Institute Asst. manager, allocated the 3rd episode of her series (Training is the life) "an assessment of training needs and preparing professional training bags" . The last essay was addressed by Saud Moh'd Al Kawari who wrote about " His experience in the Institution".

We can find in this issue an assay about Simon Bolivar, Establsiher and president of Big Columbia (personalities) and review of book " Joint objectives… joint future" which has been published lately by His Excellency Qatar Ex-Ambassador in USA, Mr. Moh'd Jahham Al Kawari.

In Section "highlights" the magazine discussed the Arabi Bank for economical development in Africa and also discussed the Universal competition report 2016-2017.

For information, issue 33 shall be the last printed material, as the diplomat magazine shall be converted to Electronic publication by January 2017 in Sha Allah.

Electronic copy of the magazine is available at Institution website Diplomat.