Communication and soft power

November 15 2016

This lecture was held  on  November 14,2016. H.E Mr. Oden Samuel, speaker for the British government in the Middle East and North Africa  was the speaker. HE. Explained the approach taken by the  United Kingdom  to defend its image  by the main devices  in the field of diplomacy, and how the British government have understood the need to produce the post of a formal spokesman, he said that, one of the formal and traditional  ways used by the British government to express policies and explain the  government  views, has been  the weekly meeting of the British parliament". Saying  that such procedure  no long adequate  in the light of   the current events in the region. Therefore, there is  a need to introduce  a direct means  of communication  with the people  by their own language. HE. Concluded  by referring to the  need for a direct channel with the Arab media, and by   saying that, today the social media is becoming  one of the most  important diplomatic devices