Spanish politics in the Middle East

March 10 2016

Held on 9 March 2016, His Excellency, Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos the former Foreign Minister of Spain, talks and discussed at the beginning of his speech the situation of Spain in the twentieth century, from the authoritarian regime, which was led by General Franco, until entering the democratic stage with the King Juan Carlos I, and then the current Felipe II. He pointed out that Spain was at that time the only European country that did not recognize Israel. And when the government has decided to recognize Israel, it was natural that the Arabs are angry. That was the option ultimately successful, it actually enabled Spain to play this diplomatic role. Madrid was chosen to host the first international conference for peace between the Arabs and Israel in October 1991. H.E Miguel Ángel Moratinos pointed out that all parties in the Spanish parliament agree to recognize the Palestinian State, and they would seek to use that recognition on a large scale to make Israel accept an independent Palestinian State on its side. His Excellency also spoke about Iraq, admitting that the invasion of Iraq by President Bush was a major historical mistake, and Spain paid the price.