Turkey after the failed coup.

October 12 2016

The lecture was held on Oct. 11,2016.H.E.Mr.Ahmet Demirok ambassador of the Turkish Republic to The State of Qatar was the speaker. HE. Confirmed that the most important thing highlighted   by the failed coup attempt has been the love and affection of the Turkish people for  democracy, also it  proved who are the true friends of the Turkish people,  because evidences showed  that Qatar is a true friend of Turkey and its people, through the earliest support from the highest level in the state to Turkey, and also by the support of the Qatari public to the  legal regime.

 HE.  Proceeded  to narrate  the events that has rolled accordingly since the night of  June 15, when the secret wing in the Turkish army which belongs to the organization of Fethulla  Gulen  tried to  execute its failed coup to overthrow the regime and seizing  the government by force but,  the coup failed and  the Turkish people were themselves the one who nullify it.