In a lecture organized by the Diplomatic Institute

October 09 2017

The siege of the State of Qatar is a violation of international law The Diplomatic Institute organized a lecture entitled "The siege of the State of Qatar a violation of international  law", delivered by Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Qadi, a legal Advisor in the Department of Legal Affairs of the Ministry. It was attended by a number of ambassadors and participants in the founding training program. The event which was moderated by Sheikh Fahad bin Saud Al-Thani addressed various dimensions that violate international law and conventions and the charter of the Arab League and the GCC by the four siege countries. The lecturer referred to the violation to the United Nations charter by these states, which include articles prohibiting intervention in the internal affairs of states and the peaceful settlement of international disputes. He said that the "13 demands" presented by the blockade countries violate the sovereignty of the State of Qatar and the principle of non-interference. They want Qatar to conform with their internal and external policies depriving it from its sovereign rights, therefore these demands have no legal basis in international law. He point to that the UN General Assembly condemnation of the inclusion of members on lists unilaterally prepared on false grounds. The GA consider these lists contrary to international law and the UN charter, as they include false terrorism allegations, deeming them instruments of political or economic pressure on member states, particularly developing countries. Dr Al-Qadi said that the unilateral coercive measures taken by the blockade countries against Qatar from institutions, companies and individuals constituted illegal measures that violate international law and human rights norms. The measures aimed at attaining political objectives that influence the independence and sovereignty of Qatar. It is considered a violation of the Security Council mandate. Dr. Al-Qadi talked about the violation of the multilateral and bilateral agreements and treaties by the blockade countries and said: "The embargo states imposed on all their maritime ports not to receive any Qatari-flagged vessels, or owned by its companies or individuals, and not to receive or unload any goods of Qatari origin from Dubai ports. This means that these governments prevent Qatari or non-Qatari vessels from crossing through its ports to the State of Qatar. Such embargo constitute a serious violation of the written and customary international law, in particular the United Nations charter and the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea. He also spoke about the violation of the 1944 Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation and its amendments. The Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are parties to the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation as well as the State of Qatar, however on 5 June announced that all aircraft registered in Qatar, including Qatar Airways were prevented from crossing into its territory. Dr. Al-Qadi stated the human rights violations by the blockade countries. He said those countries have violated with their overall siege on Qatar all the human rights rules in international law as well as the conventions they are a party towards Qatari nationals, residents and even their own nationals. These violations includes: Violation of civil, economic and cultural rights,Violation of the right to freedom of movement, residence and private propertyViolation of freedom of work and educationViolation of the right to family reunification.Violation of freedom of opinion and expression.Violation of the right to nationality and the right to asylum. On the arbitrary removal of the Qataris, the blockade countries have collectively and arbitrarily expelled all Qataris who reside in its territory in a legitimate manner. These measures implemented without stating the reasons contrary to their obligations under international law.