The Qatari-Japanese Symposium

The Qatari-Japanese Symposium

October 13 2017

Ambassador Otsuka: trade balance between Qatar and Japan is QAR 35 billion.
“The Japanese-Qatari relations are deeply rooted and date back to early seventies of the last century; especially in 1972, and develops from year to year”. The Ambassador stated: The State of Qatar is currently one of the most important countries on which Japan relies on energy, recently, several Japanese companies have contributed to major Qatari projects such as Hamad International Airport, Qatar Metro, Power and Desalination Plant.
The Ambassador added: The Qatari-Japanese relations are not limited to the economic aspect, but have extended to many fields, as the two countries are keen to diversify bilateral relations in defense, culture, health, education, sports and human resource development in order to establish a comprehensive partnership.
The Ambassador expressed his admiration for Qatar's ability to maintain a balance between an oil-based and knowledge-based economy in order to diversify the country's economy and ensure a stable and sustainable business environment. In this regard, Qatar and Japan will continuously seek strengthening the relations and vary areas of bilateral cooperation in the future.