The Diplomatic Institute hold a seminar on Somalia and resilience

Nov 22, 2017, 15:03 PM by Sara Rashid Al-Marri
The Diplomatic Institute organized a seminar entitled "Somalia's endurance a long-term crises" presented by Abdul Rashid Khalif-Hahashi, Executive Director of the Heritage Institute. The seminar was attended by H.E. Mr. Omar Sheikh Ali Idris, Somali Ambassador to Qatar, H.E. Mrs. Nadia Ahmed Al-Shaibi, Assistant Director of the Diplomatic Institute, and a number of officials at the Institute and participants in the Founding Program of diplomats. 
The lecturer described what Somalia has been facing since the collapse of the state in 1991, besides foreign interference, which fuelled the conflict and led to the  emergence of terrorist organizations that are trying to maintain chaos in Somalia. However, Somali people is determined, starting with the President of the Republic and all the people, to continue the process of building and looking forward to better future, with the support of brotherly and friendly countries, despite the threats of the Youth Movement of Somalia, which declines stability and economic growth.
"We are proud of being Sunni Muslims and Arab, and we look for partnership with Arab and friendly countries, we will be pleased to have Qatar as a key partner, we have oil, minerals, and the necessary human resources who are ready to repatriate once the ball start rolling".