Receiving a Pakistani delegation to see the situation in Qatar after blockade: Dr. Al-Horr: Qatar has managed the Gulf crisis positively

Dec 25, 2018, 07:55 AM by User Not Found


Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Horr, Director of the Diplomatic Institute, said that the State of Qatar has dealt with the blockade crisis in a positive manner, thus achieving many immediate and long-term gains. Qatar has adopted a strategic approach in managing the crisis, of which it based its development plans that helps tackling the crisis in a way that preserves its sovereignty, survival, and ensures the continuation of development, as well.

Addressing a Pakistani delegation visiting the country to know about the diplomatic, economic and military measures taken by the State of Qatar to manage the crisis. His Excellency pointed out that the state has adopted a scientific and practical approach to dealing with the crisis that based on main principles of maintaining sovereignty and independence, achieving security and safety for the people and expatriates.

 In addition, securing the basic needs for the people and expatriates, activating Qatari diplomacy and international relations to explain Qatar’s position on the crisis and obtaining international support against the predominance of blockading countries. Also, communicating with human rights and international organizations to apply international law and international conventions against unjust measures.

He pointed out that the Qatari leadership was working against the clock to manage this crisis, and to protect its gains against any external aggression, or any attempt to disturb the country’s development. The challenge faced by the Qatari leadership in the face of the blockade was great and very dangerous.

Through its positive approach, the Qatari leadership focused on achieving the concept of comprehensive security in both its preventive and developmental aspects, which covers most aspects of economic, political, cultural and social life. It has sought achieving security in food, water and medicine, media, economic, political, development, and social aspects. This has contributed to overcoming the blockade crisis.

He spoke about the Qatar diplomacy led by His Highness the Amir, which followed and implemented by His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, which contributed to provide a clear picture about the blockading countries demands that accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism. Noting that the State of Qatar is an international partner in the fight against terrorism, and the only Gulf state that has signed a joint agreement with the United States to provide support to combat terrorism.

He underlined the role of Qatari media in dealing with the crisis that adopted a defensive strategy where it managed to unmask the blockading countries pre-prepared media campaigns. Only then the Qatari media sought achieving some balance, and it managed, where it debunked the lies of the blockading countries media.