Training program for foreign diplomats

Training program for foreign diplomats

December 09 2018

Training program for Arab diplomats from the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Somalia, where Dr. Majid Mohammed Al-Ansari, Assistant Professor of Political Sociology, Department of International Affairs, Qatar University, and Director of Policy Management - Institute of Social and Economic Research Survey, gave lectures.

The program was opened by Mrs. Amna Al-Hammadi, head of the training section at the Diplomatic Institute, she welcomed the diplomats, and said: On behalf of His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and on behalf of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Ministry and the Institute Management, I would like to welcome you to the Qatari Diplomatic Institute to participate in the special program for training diplomats from brotherly countries.

In pursuit of Qatar State continuous support for Arabic and friendly peoples in areas that would develop diplomatic capacities for the diplomatic staff, either at the Foreign Ministry or government institutions and organizations.

She noted that the program copes with developments in international diplomatic service, pointing out that the program contains intensive courses in foreign and geopolitical policy, political theories and their application in international relations, negotiation skills, and international law. The program also corresponds to the reality of the State of Qatar being under blockade, and I look forward that this program to contribute to your expertise and skills in the diplomatic work and add to you more negotiation skills. In addition to deeper understanding of foreign policy and geopolitical, political theories and their application in international relations. She added: The participants will be briefed on capacity-building for diplomats.

The program focuses on topics of interest such as negotiation and peacemaking, international cooperation, global partnership in development, dialogue among civilizations and others. The program to include meetings and field visits that enable the participants to identify the official and community institutions of the state as well as the laws and regulations that enable him to employ them for the cooperation between the two countries.

The program aims to raise awareness on regional and international issues by offering training courses for employees at the foreign diplomatic missions, foreign ministries and embassies of friendly and brotherly countries in important topics such as Qatar's foreign policy, Qatar and contemporary international issues, Qatar and the dialogue of civilizations. It also aims to strengthen diplomatic relations between countries, especially the friendly and brotherly countries in diplomatic training and political visions in regard with international issues and the position of the State of Qatar through cultural orientation of diplomats.

The Diplomatic Institute expects throughout the program, to benefit from the institutes and diplomatic academies in those countries and the expertise of the staff of these embassies and missions in the future. And to learn about the political, economic, cultural and educational aspects of the state's power and the political development plans that the State of Qatar focuses on in its future plans.

The program targets members of the diplomatic corps (first secretary and above). Of employees of embassies and missions of fraternal and friendly countries.