The Diplomatic Institute Holds Symposium on Parliamentary Diplomacy

The Diplomatic Institute Holds Symposium on Parliamentary Diplomacy

January 15 2024

The Diplomatic Institute held a symposium entitled "The role of parliamentary diplomacy in international relations", at which Mr. Mohammad Reza Majidi, the Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly spoke.

The lecturer addressed theoretical concepts of traditional and parliamentary diplomacy and their complementarities.

The lecturer also spoke about the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in achieving a set of goals that are not covered by traditional diplomacy, since parliamentary diplomacy represents the will and interests of peoples as a top priority and adopts the language of dialogue as a tool for communication and the realization of interests.

The lecturer commended the experience of the Shura Council of the State of Qatar and stressed the need to pay attention to parliamentary diplomacy and benefit from it to complement the traditional diplomacy and other types of diplomacy.

The symposium was facilitated by His Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Horr, Director of the Diplomatic Institute.