World Cup 2022: Towards a sustainable legacy

HE. Mr.Ardasher Saad Qodiri ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to The State of Qatar was the speaker

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Anani lecturer of international law at the University of Qatar spoke about the provisions of JASTA ACT

Qatari Italian relations

November 17 2016

HE. Mr. Guido De Sanctis ambassador of the Italian Republic to the State of Qatar was the speaker

Communication and soft power

November 15 2016

H.E Mr. Oden Samuel, speaker for the British government in the Middle East and North Africa was the speaker

H.E.Mr.Ahmet Demirok ambassador of the Turkish Republic to The State of Qatar was the speaker.

Held on 4 October 2016, and he talked Dr. Ansny Kappa, a professor of history at the University of Carnegie Mellon university's- Qatar, on the theme of "the US presidential election in 2016

Span-Qatar relations

May 18 2016

and addressed by H.E. Mr. Ignacio Escobar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the State of Qatar

H.E Mr. Eric Chevallier, the French Ambassador to the State of Qatar talked, and described relations as: strategic, long-term, deep-rooted, comprehensive.

H.E. Mr. Ajay Sharma, UK Ambassador to the State of Qatar talked about his experience when representing Britain during the negotiations on the Iran's nuclear file- and the lessons learned from it.